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The most important line in the whole damn song. MESSAGE.

The only historically accurate line in the whole film. 

excuse u




The most important line in the whole damn song. MESSAGE.

The only historically accurate line in the whole film. 

excuse u


i made a thing

aoba cake is gonna be the death of me

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Jesus saves


Jesus saves




Reblog for the last one

it’s a game show where everyone eats the furniture in a room and tries to see which is made of chocolate

So basically you’re telling me this is the best fucking game ever created


Riku isn’t exactly sure when he became so used to them. Maybe it’s because of the mornings he wakes up to Roxas in his arms instead of Sora, or the times when Ventus calls him because he had no idea what Sora had been doing, Ven’s words soft and scared among the backdrop of Sora’s voice.

Maybe it’s all the times Riku comes home, tossing his bag onto the couch only to summon his keyblade in a split second, Vanitas smiling wild and angry from behind their crossed blades. Or when Roxas takes over in the middle of cooking dinner, turning nachos into full-fledged tacos. Or when Ventus stares at Kairi’s good-luck charm on Sora’s keychain, smile sad and just a little bit lost.

Really, in retrospect, Riku can’t believe that he ever got used to something so crazy, so bizarre, multiple people sharing one body (and one almost certainly insane). But it became a normal routine, checking Sora’s eyes to see who was home, letting Roxas steal cigarettes because he misses the smell of smoke, reassuring Ventus that the darkness couldn’t hold Terra forever, fighting off Vanitas because people became desperate for action when they no longer had a purpose.

Riku figures he wouldn’t have it any other way, really, and he tells Xion so on the rare occurrences when she can pull her conscious together enough to surface. Those are his favorite times, sitting and drinking tea while watching the sunset with her. She can’t always keep it together for longer than a handful of minutes, memories and thoughts and feelings pulled apart by Sora and Roxas, but she always comes back.

Sora asks him occasionally, words slow against a hesitant tone, and Riku answers the same way every time, with a kiss and a smile.

"They’re a part of you, Sora, and you’re a part of them. It’s fine."

And maybe he takes it back silently sometimes when Vanitas hits too hard, or when Roxas won’t stop chain-smoking while watching the sunset, or when Ventus refuses to move or talk, but those moments always pass quickly.


Fuckin' Fine Ass Leaves


Forgive me padre for I have siiiiiiinned


i am the world’s best dragon slayer. you ever seen a dragon round here? no? you’re welcome.

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hey everyone do you know what crows + ravens usually circle around in movies + media?? that’s right! dead bodies.

so what’s with all these crows + ravens circling around the dan? man, it’s almost like the mekakushi dan is a bunch of dead walking bodies am i right

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not all character development exists to make someone a better person

people turn into assholes, too. They become more  manipulative, arrogant, clingy, irritated… complex.

and that’s okay, that’s important.

explore that.

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